Studio Wayfinder: The Unlikely Lads

through a Discord Server, a brotherhood was born

Late one night in February 2017, Thor, Morat, Dunk and Melvyn scribbled plans and ideas to bring the foremost Dawngate tribute game to life, and in doing so created Studio Wayfinder, as an homage to the original developers of the game - Waystone.

Hailing from the flanks of the Atlantic Ocean, the team is made up of a number of committed members of the Dawngate community, dedicated to bring the project to light. From both Britain and the United States, Wayfinder will light the path as we barrel headlong into development. Made up of people both in and out of the Games industry, each team member brings a unique spin on the standard of working, and as we hope to include more members into our ranks we shall bolster the already burgeoning strength of will we maintain.

We at Wayfinder Studios are looking for talented Unity Developers, Programmers and more to join our cohort, to assist in dialling in the production of Shrine of Imanna. If you feel like you can help prise open the Dawngate once more, feel free to get in touch via our email: