Studio Wayfinder are proud to bring you Shrine of Imanna: A Tribute to Dawngate! Check out the announcement trailer above!


The Game: Dawngate

When the Dawngate closed, an important pillar of the MOBA genre was left behind. Shrine of Imanna intends to emulate the original game as closely as possible before it was closed down. Shrine of Imanna will be as close a representation of the game we knew and loved as possible, but will be actively balanced and maintained.

The Community: You

One of the key features of Dawngate was its Community, and we're bringing it back albeit slowly. We encourage you to join in at our Subreddit and Discord, and take part in our Community Streams and Giveaways as we continue development. Keep your ear to the ground and join in at our Subreddit and Discord server, and feel free to interact with us on social media, including Twitter!

The Studio: Wayfinder

We at Wayfinder are made up of members of the community; dedicated passionate people who mourned with the best of them when the game closed. If you've heard of Dawngate, you've probably heard of Thor!