Shrine of Imanna: A Dawngate Tribute

November 2016: 2 Years after the Dawngate Closed

In late 2016, the light was shone of 2 distinct fan projects to revitalised the long-dead game Dawngate; MynSZX and Dawngate: Reborn, Morat and Definitely Not Dawngate. Shortly after, the decision was made to take the fulmination of Dawngate: Reborn and streamline production, in order to ease the process of producing a fan-made tribute. Out of the fires, Shrine of Imanna was born. Named by the loving community associated with the game, Shrine of Imanna fully intends to be the closest representation of Dawngate in its final days. The game will include the original assets, sounds, particles and skins, while also being maintained and balanced to improve player experience. As we prepare to enter the first few stages of internal Alpha Testing, feel free to get involved at our community outlets - Discord and Subreddit, and get in touch with us over Social Media.

Prior to the culmination of Shrine of Imanna, our Community Coordinator John 'Best Melvyn EU' Matthews produced a series of short documentaries outlining the Dawngate Tribute projects, including Dawngate: Reborn and Definitely Not Dawngate, check them out below!